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VOIP has made the headlines many times and for many reasons over the past five years. The latest is a full phone service that is based on voip technology. As offices move over to newer technologies it is essential to chose a provider that allows you to keep up with the times.


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06 October 2006


Alan Levin

You can find the MEC for education here

Sarah Cairns

Having worked with many schools across the country, I’m sad to say this is very common. Well over 50% of our schools are dysfunctional.

I would strongly advise that you do not engage these schools any further. In my experience, if you don’t get an initial response of enthusiasm, you will battle with commitment for eternity. It is really important to find a school that shows ownership and commitment, and a real drive to improve their situation. I would argue this is more important than anything else.

Sarah Cairns (CSI Africa Consulting)

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