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VOIP has made the headlines many times and for many reasons over the past five years. The latest is a full phone service that is based on voip technology. As offices move over to newer technologies it is essential to chose a provider that allows you to keep up with the times.


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12 December 2006


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lol. i find this page while watching a source to download life of david gale =)

Olivier SC

You have, now, a french part of this game where you are welcomme to do an Hello !

Regards ;

Olivier SC


Hey Max, just surfacing for air after a icy plunge into the reality of post-festive, neo-laborius life! Holidays are always too good and too short.

WAB.exe initiated... kettle on the boil - time to surf some blogs.

What is your opinion of Mr Stokes take on the blog tag game?:


Brilliant Dave.. what a laugh! And yay for you.. nice1 mate.
Stoked cos now I've found your site. My posts are flippin long so best not attempted unless you have a big cup of coffee and WorkAvoidanceBehavious.exe running :-P


Hey Max,

I see Mike's tagged you! ;)

Was enjoying part 3 of your blog on Genius when work intruded... (maybe I should have started with the one on Time Hacking?!)

I'll get back there shortly.


Max Kaizen

Rocking idea Dave.. gonna be fun to see where this1 goes :-P

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